Facility Financing

Build, renovate, or refinance your facilities today!

Our experience providing tax-exempt real property lease financing to local governments has led Leasing 2 to develop a unique approach to these kinds of transactions that make it much easier and faster for you to finance. Please review the following features and call our toll free number, 813-258-9888, if you have any questions:

1. One Lease – One Agreement
Leasing 2′s real estate lease financing normally covers both the construction and permanent phase of your project. Simply execute one agreement that is actually a permanent lease financing with the added ability to accommodate the construction phase. When we close the financing we deposit the funds into a “contractor payable escrow account”. As the contractor completes the project, you authorize progress payments on work performed and materials delivered.

2. Legal Support (Optional)
Make no mistake about it, real property financing is more involved than truck and equipment financing. That is why Leasing 2 utilizes the services of a well-respected real estate attorney to facilitate various tasks. Our law firm brings extensive experience to the process, saving your personnel time and effort.

Our law firm’s function is only towards facilitating process. They do not provide legal advice to your agency or interpret federal, state and local laws as they might apply –  that is the responsibilty of your law firm.

3. Flexible Structures

  • Terms – 5 to 20 years (25 and 30 years on some projects).
  • Payment Frequency – annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly.
  • Down Payments – While we don’t normally require down payments, you can reduce your debt service by reducing the loan amount.
  • First Payment – You can start your payments anytime up to one year after the lease financing is closed.
  • Existing Loans – We can payoff an existing loan(s) and provide additional funds for a renovation or addition.
  • Refinance – You can simply refinance an existing loan to take advantage of today’s lower interest rates.

Improve your facility now with lease financing! Call 813-258-9888 today.